Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Hello from my heart to yours....

"The secret to a rich life is to have more beginnings than endings."  
                                                                             Dave Weinbaum, the new voice of a conservative America 
Well... here we go again with the first days of school.... some of us comforting our children... some of us thanking God that summer is over... some of us worrying.. some of us celebrating... Some of this blessing is "Recycled & Reused", however, by the time I finish, I can't guarantee that it will be "Reduced" .... the same as last year, Giorgio came back to the United States a day before school started... except this year, he was away most of the summer.. his first summer in which he only spent maybe 3 weeks of it with me.... last year, he did want to start school... this year, he was ready to go... I was only called "the meanest mama" once for having bought him a blue book bag... okay, I'll take that... he wants to use the same one from last year... and if that's the only complaint, we will definitely be good..... no, no... we will be better than good......

Unlike last year, where it was only he and I, this year, the teens are back... the oldest has been going to college since January and working and travelling and doing what all teens do I guess... he made sure he could go to school on scholarship so that he could stay home and mooch off of me... hahahha... (and I am supposed to be happy about this...) anyway, he is living his life... the middle one has begun his 11th grade homeschooling program and starts college next week as a dual-enrollee... his goal is to finish his AA at the same time that he graduates from high school... good plan (as long as he sticks to it) .... and me? well, I am actually having a new beginning at work, too.......still in the transitioning phase, but I am excited... after all, it's that time of year, isn't it?

Our lives seem to follow a calendar of "beginning" again with every new school year (whether we have children or not) ... everything seems to take on a different motion.. a different vibration... vacations are over .. the laziness of long summer days are gone.. the traffic patterns change..  work schedules change .. etc... it seems like the perfect time to seize every opportunity as new ideas and inspirations come our way so that we can prepare to harvest all those glorious things in the Autumn... we should be gentle with ourselves though... think of how the children are starting a whole new year of their lives and remember back to when you were in school... the feelings of happiness and excitement, apprehension and fear... fortunately, everyone was having similar feelings and old friends helped us through and new friends helped us through and we survived... most of us look back at our school days with great fondness.. "beginning" again was effortless really... it was life in motion.. it should always be so effortless... .

We all know the there is an intense energy when we are beginning something new... I remember when I was a teacher, how exciting it was to prepare the classroom for the first day... how I wanted everything to be just perfect and inviting and peaceful for when the students walked in... and I remember the expressions on the little people's faces.. some would come in and hug you as if you were their only teacher ever.. kind of what Giorgio did this year.... he loves his teachers.. it's the same ones as last year... and the assistant teacher rode on the airplane back from the Dominican with him so he felt like he had an extra special connection with her when telling his friends about his summer.... and then, other kids just look at their teachers with skinny eyes... lol.....  I remember now as I am writing this that when I was teaching, every day was like a new beginning... oh those 21+ personalities a teacher has to work with daily... hmmmmm....(come back, Dory)... topic of another blessing ....let me wrap this one up.....

The energy of beginning something new.. (that's where I was)......... absorb this energy and send it forth to others.... be a joyous one...  offer love from this space of joy....  inspire those around you...  give them the deep and lasting spiritual tools to help them.. .  gifts such as these are from God and they are given to us to share....   In God's world there is enough love, enough money, enough joy for all...  God asks you to give out of the fullness of your being....  God loves you...  do not be afraid of "beginning" anything... embrace every challenge with faith, hope and love... every "beginning" gets you closer to becoming the blessed person God intends you to be.. honor the light within you and share it with others so they are not afraid of "beginning" either... 

As a daughter of the Moon, I have to let you know that we are beginning this school year with a full moon... a blue moon.. (yes, another tangent...) the moon is in Aquarius all day today... so I am praying that it will be a great day for me... it is believed that even though the Aquarius Moon is individualistic and values its independence, it also, values the "team" ...because I believe you are all part of my "blessed team", this makes me feel extra energized and my heart is lighted with fire.... when a Full Moon occurs, we can use that energy to suddenly burst forth with proclamations ... it's an outpouring of energy that is fresh and new... therefore, if you believe in astrology, go for it... block that Leo Sun and use the energy of the Aquarius Moon to your favor... (I know I sound like a loon, but it's all about what works for you... )

Of course, if you do not believe in that sort of thing, then simply use the beginning of the school year as an excuse... make it a grand and glorious time - a time of opportunity, growth, and greater ability to exist in the truth of God's love... with each "beginning", your light becomes brighter..... and your life becomes richer ... 
and for the teachers and children... I offer this prayer today:
Infinite Spirit of God, open the hearts and minds of the teachers..that they may see our children as individuals .. each unique and beautiful children of God..... that they demonstrate faith, hope and love in the children's ability to learn ... give them patience and understanding... help them to always feel the excitement of these "beginning" school days throughout the whole year.... open the hearts and minds and ears of the children... so that they feel the love and openly receive all the wonderful things that their teachers will be teaching them... give them patience and understanding with one another.. help them to embrace every school day with hope and joy  ... thank You, God, for blessing this "beginning" of a new adventure in teaching and in learning... Amen.
May your day be blessed with all things good,
I have missed you..... I love you......

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  1. What a wonderful blessing. However, the font is so small this old lady had to zoom in! :) Love you! I will be sharing this.